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Careful What you wish for...

Have you ever wished the world would just GO AWAY? First it's the alarm, or the sun screaming in the window to get you to wake up. Maybe your toddler or dogs are jumping on the bed, the bed that you were, moments before, sound asleep in, deeply asleep in even. You were dreaming about some weird horned creature, eating your feet or some such confusing and undesirable dream that has you confused and going over and over in an attempt to understand... "why my feet", whilst you eat another bowl of tasteless yet somehow importantly, whole wheat cereal.

Are you the one who goes to work like a robot in a trance with no memory as to how you arrived at Bank Tube Station, like every other day. You might be the one who puts Harry's shoes back on his feet for the forth time and only then he tells you, it's wear your wellies to school day, you obviously don't have a £1 coin. Maybe you are the person who wakes up with two loud and excited Boxer dogs barking their request for a walk in the field, at you, as you struggle to focus on the heavy rain pouring down the window whilst you pull the bedroom blind.

If only the alarm wouldn't sound. The dogs would only want a walk in the sunshine and teachers wouldn't demand £1 to raise money for 'Children in need' with silly wellies days.

Or perhaps you are one of the other ones, the ones that were made redundant and have no reason to set an alarm. The ones who spend hours on their laptop hoping for the job after that gruelling interview near Bank tube station. You might be the one who remembers when you used to cuddle your babies in bed before getting them ready for school. Now all you can do is, wish them safety and happiness at university in a city far away, under your breath when you wake up.

Maybe you are not walking dogs but out in the rain homeless and hungry, you may be struggling with mental health, addiction or just bad luck, the rain has no preference. Or maybe you would give anything to walk that dog one more time, no matter what the weather and to stroke him as he looks back at his whole world. Maybe you are a child in need? has the after school club given you a chance for a dinner and a few kind words or playtime, before you go home to the TV and a good hiding for wetting the bed again.

Whoever you are, I hope you are not the one waking up alone again the sixteenth day in a row when you won't see or speak to another human being. Old, frail, frightened and so lonely.

Careful what you wish for my friend, and have a great day.


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