Animal Assisted Therapy
You may want to undertake Animal Assisted Therapy, in fact, most of my work does not include animals but it is an option available to animal lovers and can offer something extraordinary within the therapeutic process. I also have a tank of tropical fish in my therapy room. To focus on the fish allows thoughts to clear and keeps the mind focused in the moment.
To undergo therapy with a dog in the room may reduce blood pressure, lower stress levels and open emotional doors to connect with feelings which may have been difficult to reach. 
It's no secret that animals have long been used to work assisting human tasks in a whole variety of areas. Some dog breeds love to work. Working breeds hold jobs as rescue team members, search dogs, security and with the police pursuing criminals resisting arrest.
All animals in my therapy are afforded the five freedoms recommended for working animals. They have their work closely monitored to avoid over exposure to emotional experience and vet checked every six months. All are up to date with all recommended injections and parasite treatments. 
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